is a service that lets you discover coworking spaces and creative professionals. Mushrooming is developed and run non-commercially and voluntarily by Mushrooming association. Mushrooming was started in Helsinki 2010, but is now taking new steps: fresh groups are established in other Finnish cities and internationally.

See the local groups in Facebook:  

Helsinki  Turku  Tampere  Jyväskylä

Lots of the activities supporting coworking culture happen in these groups. You can post your listing to the local group to gain extra visibility. You can also make more complex enquiries or find out about current discussions and happenings. If your city does not yet have a local group, contact us (contacts.mushrooming(at), let’s make it together!

Team Mushrooming

Hannu Aarniala – art direction, graphic design, UX+UI design
Elina Alatalo – co-ordination, organisation, project planning & management
Kimmo Koivisto – co-ordination, organisation
Heikki Hyppänen – web assistant
Mikko Mutanen – service consepting and web design consultant
Ossi Pirkonen – character design, illustrations, logo design
Ilkka Törmä – forefather of the network
Inari Virkkala – co-ordination, organisation